Trees Adirondack Books

Trees Adirondack Books

TREES is a full service regional bookstore with a twist...nearly 1400 titles relate to the Adirondacks. This is the area's ultimate collection of regional books. From history to mystery, cooking to kayaking, Trees is certainly a worthwhile destination.

Book Sections

Lake George Area History

Lake George

The Lake, its history, its islands, its homes, its wars, its steamboats, its people and their customs, even its shipwrecks, are all covered in TREES' extensive Lake George Book Section. Local authors, photographers and artists have been documenting the happenings along this beautiful body of water for hundreds of years. Want to know why the lake used to be called Lac du St. Sacrement? Or what lurks beneath the water's surface? The best place to find answers to your questions about anything Lake George is right here on these shelves.


From the days before the French and Indian War through the present...dozens of books chronicle every aspect of the Adirondack Park's rich history before and after it became "Forever Wild".

Biographies & Memoirs

Hermits, Adventurers, Conservationists, Lumberjacks, Outlaws, Country Doctors and the Families that built the Great Camps...the stories of the people and characters who've made the Adirondacks their home.

Children's Books

Hundreds of books for kids of all ages. Parents and grandparents love our children's section every bit as much as the kids. From GOOD NIGHT LAKE to THE ADIRONDACK KIDS adventure series, our selection of books geared for infants to teens are intended to help kids appreciate the great outdoors of this area. But kids enjoy these books too much to realize they're getting an education.

Adk Photography & Art

A rich collection of well known Adirondack artists and photographers past and present.


Hiking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Golfing, Camping, Fishing, Mountain Biking...Guidebooks and maps for all sports Adirondack.

Nature & Natural History

Guidebooks and coffee table gems to help any nature enthusiast identify and appreciate the flora and fauna of Upstate New York. Geology, astronomy, ecology, meteorology...Why do the Adirondacks look the way they do? Here, you'll find books that explain just that.


Ghosts, UFOs and BigFoot...Oh, my! Lake George and the Adirondacks are well known for their Natural beauty, but it's SuperNatural activity is sure to make you shiver.

Fiction & Non-Fiction

Writers have always been drawn to the Adirondacks and they especially love to write about life here (whether real or make believe). Our shelves are stocked with local literary masterpieces (such as "An American Tragedy"), contemporary mysteries and a variety of compelling Adirondack tales you won't find elsewhere.

Rustic Architecture & Home Design

Beautiful books celebrating the great Adirondack traditions of home and furniture design and construction. Inspiration and ideas for adding a touch of rustic style to your home or building a log cabin of your very own.


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